Think about it: 10 billion animals per year.

Do you really think that the USDA has enough inspectors to supervise the humane and safe slaughter of 10 billion animals per year?  Of course the USDA tolerates abuse and contaminated meat!

Imagine the kind of person who has a job that entails witnessing the slaughter of thousands of innocent beings every day. They become jaded, immune to the suffering they are seeing, and lax about enforcing rules that are intended to protect both the animals and your health. But, even if every single inspector did a good job (ps – they don’t), the factory workers can easily bypass the system.

In Gail Eisnitz’s book, Slaughterhouse, one worker from a slaughterhouse said, “Might be part of him’s [an animal] bad, might be the pneumonia’s traveled everywhere. I’d drag him back, and my boss would tell me to cut the hindquarters off and bring him into the cooler. The meat’s supposed to be condemned, but still you’d cut it up and bag it.”

When Eisnitz asked, “But don’t they have to be stamped ‘USDA inspected?'” he responded, “He [the boss] got the stamper. He can stamp it himself when the doc leaves… You take a condemned horse, skin him, sell the meat… We’ve sold it as beef.”

According to the Congressional testimony of one former Perdue worker, the poultry plants are filthy. She said there were flies, rats, and 5-inch long flying cockroaches covering the walls and floors. Believe it or not, it gets worse: “After they are hung, sometimes the chickens fall off into the drain that runs down the middle of the line. This is where roaches, intestines, diseased parts, fecal contamination, and blood are washed down. Workers vomit into the drain… Employees are constantly chewing and spitting out snuff and tobacco on the floor… sometimes they have to relieve themselves on the floor… The Perdue supervisors told us to take the fallen chickens out of the drain and send them down the line.”

A USDA insspector said of the cockroaches, “One time we shined a flashlight into a hole they were crawling in and out, and they were so thick it was like maggots, you couldn’t even see the surface.”

A worker at another poulty plant said, “Every day, I saw black chicken, green chicken, chicken that stank, and chicken with feces on it. Chicken like this is supposed to be thrown away, but instead it would be sent down the line to be processed.”

Yet another worker at another plant said, “I personally have seen rotten meat – you can tell by the odor. This rotten meat is mixed with the fresh meat and sold for baby food. We are asked to mix it with the fresh food, and this is the way it is sold. You can see the worms inside the meat.”

Just because you can’t see what’s happening, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Every time you want to eat meat, remember what goes on inside every slaughterhouse.

Breakfast: An apple and a banana
Lunch: Black bean and guacamole burrito (that’s a bean & cheese burrito without cheese, with guac) from Baja Fresh
Dinner: Sloppy Joes made with meatless crumbles and Manwich, with a side salad


2 thoughts on “Filth

  1. Amy

    Thanks for making me think!! I don’t know that my Oklahoma ranch raised husband will go vegetarian but I have begun planning at least two meals per week with no meat. It is a change for the better for our family who had fallen back into the processed food/meat and potato routine.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Notice: Charlotte Mason was right =-.

  2. Jeff Callarman

    I am always searching the truths of reality such as the coming fall of America that was written as breaking news thousands of years ago in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28; but it goes unreported, not known and not understood because just as God said this whole world has been deceived. My reply is just to say that the short article of truth that you supplied was very well written and directly to the point of reality that so very few will see. People of the world today for the most part just can’t handle the way things truly are.

    Thank you for you’re well written information on slaughterhouse filth and bad meats.

    Some of my writings about God and the world of blindness due religious deception of the blind leading the blind can be seen via the link below.

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