Belgian City does “Meatless Thursday”

Thursdays were declared “Veggie Day” in the city of Ghent!  The Belgian city has decided to go veg for one day a week in an effort to highlight the environmental and health costs of eating meat.

The city authorities in Ghent, some 30 miles west of Brussels, are asking residents to get involved and opt for vegetarian meals at least one day a week.  Ghent is the first city in Europe to try such a scheme.

According to the city’s campaign publicity (and as we all know from reading this blog!), eating less meat can help to minimize the ecological footprint of your food because stock breeding has a detrimental impact on the environment. It points to data from the United Nations which says livestock is responsible for generating around 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It is also hoped that Veggie Day will have a positive health impact in the fight against diet-related illnesses such as obesity, cancer and diabetes.

Organizers provided residents with meat-free recipes and a list of vegetarian restaurants at a “launch party” in the center of the city. (Ghent claims to have more vegetarian eateries per inhabitant than Paris, London and Berlin.) Demonstrations were also on offer to people looking for green cooking tips.

 Kudos to Ghent for being so progressive and I hope other cities will soon follow suit!

Breakfast: Cranberry walnut toast with margarine
Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich and tater tots from Sonic (and a Limeade, of course)
Dinner: Made a huge pot of Vegetarian Chili for my family. (They loved it!)

One thought on “Belgian City does “Meatless Thursday”

  1. therockinvegan

    This is SO cool! I was just in Ghent last month – I had some amazing frites, and was quite charmed by the city itself. I’m going to post a link to this on my blog if you don’t mind. What an incredibly progressive and brave move and a fantastic idea – I hope it catches on…

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