Where to find me

I don’t really post much on the blog anymore. I’ve moved over to Instagram (@poweredbyproduce) and Facebook! I’ve been posting pictures of all the meals I cook and a few other veg-related things. So if you’re looking for delicious vegan and vegetarian meal ideas, make sure to follow me on one or both of those! I’ve been cooking up a storm lately….!


(On Instagram/Facebook, I typically just post a picture and a breif description; not a full recipe with an ingredient list and instructions. But if you see something you like and want a full recipe, just ask and I can post the full recipe!)

Also, these dishtowels are available in my Etsy shop, if anyone’s interested.

vegan dishtowels

I’ll probably still post things on the blog from time to time, but for now, I’ll see y’all on Facebook and Instagram!



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