Black bean, corn, and collard green enchiladas

Black bean, corn, and collard green enchiladas

Corn tortillas
Olive oil
1 can black beans
1 can corn
A few leaves of collard greens, chopped (other greens would work too – kale or spinach, etc)
Roasted red peppers, chopped (optional)
1-2 tbs cream cheese (optional)
Shredded cheese or vegan cheese
Red enchilada sauce (from a can/jar is fine, or make your own with the ingredients below)

Sauce Ingredients
1 small onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup of salsa (I like to use Pace Picante Sauce)
3 tbs tomato paste
1 cup canned crushed tomatoes (fire roasted work great for this)
1 cup water

Cilantro-lime quinoa ingredients
1 lime
Pepitas (optional)


1. Preheat oven to broil. If preparing quinoa: boil the quinoa according to directions.

2. In a pan, saute the can of beans, can of corn, roasted red peppers, and chopped collard greens with some olive oil, until the greens turn bright green and everything is warmed through. Optional: Add 1-2 tbs cream cheese and stir into veggies until melted. Remove pan from heat and set aside.

3. If making your own sauce: In a pot, saute the chopped onion and garlic then turn off the heat. Add all other sauce ingredients to the pot and mix well. If the sauce tastes too vinegary, add a tsp of sugar.

4. Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan. You are going to flash-fry each corn tortilla individually to prevent it from cracking when you roll it. To flash-fry your tortilla, place it in the pan of hot oil for about 3 seconds, then flip it over for another 3 seconds, then remove it.


5. Put a thin layer of enchilada sauce on the bottom of your baking pan to prevent them from sticking. In your flash-fried corn tortilla, add a few spoonfuls of veggie mixture. Roll the tortilla around the fillings and place it in the baking pan (seam side down, if you need to, so it stays rolled). Continue rolling all of the enchiladas until the pan is full or you run out of ingredients.

Veggie enchiladas

6. Pour enchilada sauce over rolled enchiladas, then top it all with shredded cheese.

6. Bake for 5-10 mins, or until cheese is melted and begins to bubble and brown. (Remember, broil is really hot! Watch them carefully so they don’t burn!)

7. If preparing quinoa: Mix cooked, drained quinoa with chopped cilantro leaves and juice of 1/2 – 1 lime. (I also sprinkled some pepitas on mine. )

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